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Hints for the game - our recommendation

We recommend the following game rules from the Wichtel-Geschenkespiel, as these are based on numerous experiences and they have been proved verifiably. In contrast to other rules, the game is the funny and not necessarily the packaged gift in the Wichtel gift game. In many other games, the gift is always the focus and the joke or the surprise comes from the surprise pack. To do this, however, it is usually necessary to first determine how expensive a gift may be (upper limit), whether the wrapped gift can be pure nonsense without value (the so-called "Schrott Wichteln") or whether it is a lovingly packaged gift. In the Wichtel game, this all is irrelevant. The fun comes with teh card text.

The surprise packets can therefore also include cookies or other little things. Important: there are enough surprise packets in the game. For this reason the card game can also be used at Easter for a company or family celebration. The packets should be of a different size so that it is not immediately apparent what is in the packet or what is being played.

Game preparation:

• Each player brings one or more packaged presents (optional: a price upper and lower limit should be set before)
• Each player receives a present. The rest is placed in the center of the table on the "surprise pile"

Alternatively, the host bring all surprise packets for the game. But it should be: at least one gift per participant + at least 1 packet for the stack. More gifts - more fun it becomes. The game can also be used for sweets, biscuits, Easter eggs, etc.

Before starting, simply pack it, so you do not see what is inside. (Different parcel sizes and different weights provide more tension).

So you can pack a stone that falsifies a heavy weight but has no real value. Paint a smile on the stone, pack it and you already have a wonderful package!

We wish you a lot of fun with the Wichtel Presents Game and would be glad if you send us some pictures or recordings from the game, which we would like to present to the Wichtel-Community.

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